Welcome to the most innovative weight loss and wellness program on the internet! Allow us to introduce you to our self-directed, weight loss program. Here is a list of the unique and effective tools we equip you with:
  •  - Tutorial videos for exercise.
  •  -  Webinars directed by real nutrition coaches, offering education and a wide array of solutions to your health concerns.
  •  -  Customized eating plans written by you based on your specific needs and preferences.
  •  -  Questionnaires that give our system insight to your specific needs and direct you to the tools that will help you best.
  •  -  Tracking plans: We give you a wide selection of tools to track your results in the way that motivates you best
  •  -  Personal fee-based tele-coaching or in person coaching for those who desire extra support.

How we got started:

Dr. Warren Willey is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Get Well3. He has spent over 25 years helping people obtain optimal health through nutrition, exercise, and educational programs. He is recognized as one of the ground-breaking weight loss specialists in the United States. He is a Board Certified Osteopathic Physician and did his post-graduate training at The Mayo Clinic. He speaks often to physicians and patients around the country, sharing his insights and methods.
Dr. Willey practices medicine in Idaho and is in high demand both locally and nationally. In his passion to help as many people as possible obtain a healthy lifestyle, he developed a process of training other physicians and health care practitioners on how to incorporate his methods into their family medical practices.  He is an accomplished author and an accomplished athlete. With the establishment of Get Well3, you are no longer required to travel to Idaho to capture some of his magic.  We have automated his training and give you the ability to customize it to your individual needs.

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How we’re different:

No -  calorie tracking, instead eat -  hormonally responsible:

Other wellness and weight loss programs promote the sale of supplements and food substitute. They engender dependence on calorie trackers and exercise programs. We encourage you to utilize foods you can purchase in your local grocery store, foods you prefer to eat, and we help you organize those foods into templates that optimize and maximize your hormone health.

Pause here for a minute and let this sink in: Not just what you eat, but how and when you eat affects your hormones, which affects your ability to lose weight.

Balancing your hormones through eating patterns helps boost your energy, improves sleeping patterns enhance your body's ability to manage stress, improve your sexual health and more.

No more scales:

At Get Well3, we are just as interested in multiple determinants of success and total health as we are your scale weight! Since our perspective is more broad and comprehensive, the way we guide you through a weight loss program matters. We plan to help you fix and optimize food related hormones along the way. As such, our program takes time, effort and commitment to succeed. The more weight you have to lose, the more time it is going to take. If you are struggling and need support, Health coaching and nutrition counseling is available by appointment. 

What is your health worth?

Your health is so much more than just your weight. With this program, you will not just lose weight, but you will improve your wellness because you are not just eating less, you are eating right! You will lower the risk of other chronic diseases such as:

  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • insulin resistance
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • many other chronic health problems

What you can expect:

Our goal with this free informational site is to empower you to achieve your own success, and to retrain your brain for continued success.

We recommend  you explore the website and spend some time reading through the educational information and watching some videos before beginning to use the menu development tools. If you need more help and accountability, call to schedule an appointment with our health coach. 

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