When to Start a New Eating Plan During the 'Month'

I am often asked the right time to begin a diet.  My response starts with “don’t start a diet, start a lifestyle,” but you have heard me preach that sermon so let me answer one small component of that question.  This is geared toward you wonderful ladies out there. It seems there is a better time to ‘start a diet’ and for this short article we will focus on your menstrual cycle and that right time.  Women tend to eat less during the Follicular Phase (the first day you menstruate to mid-cycle and ovulation) of the menstrual cycle, and start eating a lot more during the second half of the menstrual cycle called the Luteal Phase.  During the Luteal phase you have an increase in energy expenditure i.e. you burn more calories. This is the time when most gals will admittedly crave high fat and sugar dense foods such as chocolate. So like all of life’s other equality, in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle your metabolism increase and so does you’re eating!  This is not the time to start a diet.  However, if you can handle the pressure/hunger and stick to a dietary restriction, you will lose more weight during this phase.  As I try to make it a lifestyle, I would suggest you start your diet at the beginning of your menstrual cycle as you naturally eat less during this time.  


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