Improve Your Diet

I am going to wing it” – A statement that most certainly has become infamous in the hallowed halls of disaster.  Some situations may allow improvisation without regret; however I am certain that the well-intended dieter will not succeed by simply ‘making it up as you go along’.  Ad-libbing appears to work for such things as comedic Improv.  But there is a lot more to this talent than meets the eye.  Comedic Improv is not performance without preparation or planning.  It is the art of making very sophisticated decisions on the spur of the moment.  It is not random or chaotic.  Good decisions under high stress conditions needing rapid cognition are a function of training and rehearsal.  It is said in the world of actors and actresses that no one rehearses more or puts more effort into their skill then those proficient in Improvisation.  This translates directly into the world of dieting.  Succeeding on an eating plan or exercise program takes preparation and planning.  It takes training and rehearsal.  It has to become as innate as the act of eating itself. Honest discovery, observation, and reaction is much more effective than contrived invention.


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