Exercise Strengthens Your Immune System

We are getting into the infectious disease season.  The Flu is right around the corner and a number of lovely winter viruses have already made people’s bodies their temporary home.  One infectious disease raising the eyebrows of both medical and non-medical people is Ebola.  It is causing quite a stir, as it has come to the forefront with questions and fear in a number of people I have encountered, both professionally and personally.  Avoiding the question of “Will Ebola find Pocatello, Idaho?”, I think it is important to remember our number one defense against Ebola and all the winter bugs: our immune systems.  It is very likely that sometime this winter one of these sneaky viruses will find its way into you, and you will rely on your immune system to take care of it. Strengthening your immune system by avoiding inflammatory foods and drinks (pop, processed foods, etc.) and focusing on a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables is a great place to start.  Moderate daily exercise also reinforces your immune system.  Utilize natural antibacterial foods such as garlic, onion, turmeric, clove, lemon, and peppermint whenever you have a chance.  Your environmental interactions and actions also take precedence.  Be adamant about washing your hands, using appropriate sneezing techniques, not touching your face while in public, etc.  Don’t let this infectious disease season get the best of you.  Keep your defenses up! 


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