Resolutions - Use Them!

I recently promised I would not be a typical New Year’s vicar and expound on the benefits of your resolutions.  I lied.  I can’t help it.  Can you stop the neighbor’s cat from meowing all night without shooting it?  Here comes some caterwauling:  A recent study in the medical journal Lancet done with over 400,000 people for more than eight years showed that even a little bit of exercise, 15 minutes a day, decreased death rates by 14%, decreased cancer related deaths by 10% and increased life expectancy  by 3 years.   Each additional 15 minutes a day further decreased cancer deaths by 1% and overall deaths by an additional 4%.  Participants in the study who could not scrounge, beg, or find 15 minutes a day to purposefully move had a 17% higher death rate compared to the few minutes a day exercise group. Seriously?  15 minutes a day?  Most people I know spend more time than that in the shower.  You don’t have to be a fitness model or a bodybuilder or a tri-athlete to improve your health!  You just have to move.  As all of us addictive personalities and obsessive-compulsive people would agree, more is better.  But the fact remains you can drastically improve your health, quality of life and even longevity with a few minutes a day of purposeful movement.  If you have not already – make the resolution, and stick to it!  


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