Getting Results

Every year at this time I reiterate the fact that exercise for a large percentage of people does not induce the desired weight loss. The perceived agonizing strain on both your body and your day go unrewarded even with your heartfelt and heart pounding effort.  It is what health clubs bank on as the New Years enthusiasm necessitates at least a year long membership, but the actual usage of the facilities dwindles greatly come the Ides of March.  That’s roughly March 15th if you’re not familiar with the Roman calendar.  Believe me: my intentions are of the noblest kind as I would love nothing more than to see the gyms teeming with people year round.  As this is not the case and my broken record continues its circular path (before you throw a shoe at it) please let me tell you why that is.  For many people, exercise induces a craving for high fat and high sugar foods. You sweat out your sweets, only to crave the great tastes following.  You provide yourself with delectable compensation for your efforts.  In other words; exercise increases the reward value of food and diminishes if not negates the impact of exercise on fat loss.  I tell you this because you have to be aware of what crosses your lips especially with your dignified exercise weight loss goals.  Get the results you want with your time exercising by focusing on what you are doing the rest of the time!       


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