Muscle Mass and Life Extension Part II

Last month I discussed prolonging your life by increasing your muscle mass.  This week I want to cover some simple things to increase or improve your muscle.  First a disclaimer:  you will not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after applying anything mentioned here.  Even if your goal is to look like Arnold, you will not. I promise. First and foremost, increasing muscle is done by increasing the amounts of those ingredients that provide protein – an essential muscle-building ingredient. An adequate protein diet is full of nuts, seeds, lean meats and dairy, eggs, and, possibly, protein supplements in the form of powder or bars. Exercise in general, and resistance training specifically, can increase your muscle.  Resistance exercises, such as weight lifting using machines or free weights, or doing exercises against gravity, such as push-ups and sit-ups, stimulate the muscles to grow so the demand of the activity is lessened over time.  Getting instruction from a physical therapist or an experienced personal trainer is ideal for those who have never participated in a resistance training program.  With the proper instruction, injury is very unlikely.  Resistance training has been shown to be safe and effective for people of all ages.  Combined with an adequate protein diet, you’re sure to improve both the quality and quantity of your life.  Next month, we will discuss measuring your body composition and the benefits of doing so. 


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