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Coaching Accountability and Support

GetWell3.com offers nutrition counseling/health coaching online or in person for a small fee


Personalized Hormonally Responsible Eating Plans

Not sure what to eat? GetWell3 has a great menu development to help you create your own hormonally responsibel eating plans. Or, hire one of our health coaches to do it for you!


No More Scales

Get rid of your scale! GetWell3.com promotes tracking multiple determinants of succes and provides tools to help you do so.


It's Time to Start Eating Your Way Healthy, In-Shape and Full of Energy:

  • Without Counting Calories
  • Without Being At the Gym 24 Hours a Day
  • Without Losing Energy
  • And Eating Real, Normal Food


Get Started With Logo

  • Join www.getwell3.com. for free.
  • Take our 40 question specialized test that will "dial-in" what foods you should eat to balance YOUR hormones.
  • Build personalized eating plans built for responsible eating.
  • Read up on some exercise advice and programs
  • If you need more help or would like plans written for you, schedule a coaching session. 

"I've read many books on health and fitness and have tried many eating and exercise programs with some limited benefit, but I have never been able to put it all together and fully realize my health and fitness goals. If you're tired and frustrated with today's standard health care of "quick once over" followed by a prescription, then I would highly recommend working with Dr. Willey's program. He absolutely reflects what he teaches!! It will be an investment in your future that you will benefit from for the rest of your life!"

Dave - Denver

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