The Best Diet for Weight Loss

The Best Diet for Weight LossI have been writing articles about eating plans and weight loss diets for over 35 years now and therefore going by the 10,000-hour requirement for one to master a subject (if at all that is true) then dietary is my area of specialization and yes, I am a master of diets. However, all through my practice, I have been unable to answer one question. People keep on asking me, what is the best diet for weight loss? I mean, how do you answer that, where do you start. I know this is quite confusing just after I have declared myself a master in the food. But the problem with that question is not in getting the answer but is in the question itself. The question in its own sense is wrong and therefore there is no way, I can answer it if asked as it is. It is wrong because in determining the best diet for weight loss, personal details are very key. I mean people have different lifestyles, different jobs, different eating habits and definitely different bodies.

The question should, therefore, be restructured and asked as,

"What is the best diet for weight loss for me?"

Once asked like that, then its answer becomes very simple. The answer will simply be the diet that works for you. This answer may look simple but it encompasses very many important factors that should be considered in coming up with the best diet for weight loss. This answer requires you to identify the diet that works for your schedule, works for your lifestyle, works for your family, your workplace or job and of course, the one that actually works in terms it allows you to lose not just weight but fat while maintaining muscle mass! Might I add in a healthy, long-lasting manner? Some people make the mistake of picking a diet for weight loss because it was suggested by someone else like a celebrity or because it worked for someone they know or just because they love the advert that was done on it. This in most cases does not end up right as they will later discover that it just cannot work for them. If all the factors I listed above can be met. In other words, this diet that has been generalized for all the population to use needs to work for your schedule, your lifestyle, your family, your workplace or job and of course, the one that actually works in terms it allows you to lose fat! Choosing a diet for weight loss should, therefore, be a very personal decision that is arrived at after considering all these factors if you really want to cut weight in the long run.
How would one go about finding the best diet for weight loss?
Since you cannot just email a friend and ask them what they did to lose weight so fast coming up with the diet that works for you becomes very difficult if not impossible. This is because you have to get very personal and choose something that works best for you. Therefore the key here is to make it personal. I know you may be wondering how you are going to go about it but there are great ideas out there. Utilizing professionals in the field of weight management or physique artistry is a place to start, but even more important would be to find a doctor that understands how to utilize bio-markers (lab studies and tests) to help you identify what type of eating plan would work best for your makeup/body. You read that correctly – as the catchy theme song plays in the background of the old TV show The Six Million Dollar Man and the lead scientist Oscar Goldman (played by Richard Anderson) said: “We have the technology”…

In this case of using biomarkers to individualize an eating an exercise plan, the technology and science is not only amazing but it is real! You just have to be ready, get the best resources and professionals in line and they will help you discover the best diet for weight loss that works perfectly for you. You might have been on the trial and error method and you feel frustrated because you try methods that have worked for people but you keep on failing, your weight is really becoming a real and big problem and you are out of ideas on how to handle it. You feel that you have tried your best and you don’t know what move to take next, but now you just discovered what you have been doing wrong. The key is to get personal, understand yourself, understand your body and understand your life and then you will be able to come up with an effective diet for weight loss. With the help of professionals like us, the whole process becomes easier and more efficient.

Key factors in designing your weight loss diet

As we have discussed, getting a diet for weight loss that worked for your friend is not the solution to weight loss. By doing that, you will end up trying so many different diets which will just be pure waste of time, resources, and will always lead to frustration. It is time now you considered the help of a professional who will guide you in getting a program that effectively that works for you in all aspects.

We can identify a lot of personal factors that will assist you in designing the best diet for weight loss.  One that works not only in the short run but long term! NO more guesswork, NO more continued failed attempts, but real life, honest, individualized eating plans, movement programs, and suggested supplements that will work for you! It’s time to stop beating around the bush and get serious about coming up with a personally tailored eating pattern and habits that will help make obesity and weight a problem of the past.